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Global Startup in Estonia and World Wide

Our accelerator program provides aspiring entrepreneurs in Estonia and globally with a value-packed educational experience, unlocking growth opportunities and funding prospects.

Fundamentals Of Entrepreneurship

Become a startup hero in just 30 hours. Our program equips you with everything you need, from ideation to creating a successful MVP, including product UX secrets, targeting early adopters, and acquiring your first customers through a powerful GTM plan. You'll also learn to craft a killer pitch deck and master the art of presenting, making your startup fundable, and unlocking investment opportunities for substantial growth


Startup Crash Course

Starting a company is always a viable option, regardless of the timing. The Lean Startup Beginners Crash Course is tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to launch their own startup. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.


With hackathons and new technologies, the possibilities for bigger and better ideas are limitless. In just 48 hours, you can take your idea from conception to a working prototype. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring your vision to life.

Uncertain about your exact needs?

Startup failure rates are high: 20% in two years and 45% in five years. Mitigate the risk by hiring a consultant to assess critical aspects like company procedures, finances, marketing, and more.

We empower you to gain unfair advantages for growth.

Startup received our experts consultation in 2023.

We believe that the right tools will bring your StartUp to life

Get access to over $500 K in discounts and freebies exclusive perks from the world’s best companies to help grow your company.
You’re gonna love us
  • Non negotiable experience for founders. Great learning, networking and guidance opportunity! 10/10
  • Great program managing to be very broad and simultaneously specific enabling startups to grow.
  • This course was not only extremely useful, but also exactly what I needed in order to know the next steps for our business. The team is amazing and supportive, the mentors are excellent and the topics were incredibly useful and practical. Completely surpassed my expectations and would recommend it to any entrepreneur!