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Why hire a startup consultant for your company's success?

A startup consultant will give you an unbiased outside perspective which is essential for early businesses to detect their weak points and to keep moving forward. Your consultant can help you with anything from market insights to risk mitigation and scalable growth strategies.

How to choose the right startup consultant?

  • Offers Personalized Solutions:  Select a startup consultant who helps you establish your business goals, possesses industry expertise, and understands your target audience for maximum success.
  • Portfolio: Choose a startup consultant with a solid portfolio of case studies to ensure they're the right fit for your business.

  • Strong Communication Skills: Check for effective communication skills in your startup consultant for better problem-solving and feedback.

Hourly session

If you need a quick advice then book a 1 hour session with one of our startup consultator.

Perfect for:

startups who need small adjustments or recommendations

if you need a quick solution to a specific problem

Monthly package

Includes 10 hours of consultation with a startup consultant who can help you to develop a strategic plan for your startup.

Perfect for:

early stage startups

if your startup seems to be stuck in one place

if you need help to stand out from others for investors

Meet our startup consultation team

Advisor. Mentor. Consultant. 

I help founders to start and grow their businesses. As a visionary founder, startup mentor, and experienced product manager, I have an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for business model innovation.

I can help you with product management, go-to-market strategy, financial plan and a business model.

Jorge Gallo Nieto

Advisor. Mentor. Consultant. 

I possess a wealth of knowledge across diverse sectors and technologies which joined with an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering enthusiasm makes a perfect mix for revolutionizing business models. Leveraging my proficiency as project manager and experienced consultant in different areas, I am instrumental in multicultural settings, delivering unconventional solutions for intricate challenges.

I can help you with business plan and project management 

Advisor. Mentor. Consultant. 

I'm your Creative Director and UX/XD Strategist. With a decade of design expertise, I transform ideas into captivating user journeys. My approach is empathetic and user-centered, crafting experiences that leave a lasting impact. As an XD Strategist, I blend creativity with data-driven insights to drive conversions and enhance brand value. 

I can help you with UX/XD strategy, user journeys and your website

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